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FOX News
Aug 15, 2009 2:00pm EDT
and that's going to do it for us, thank god that's out of the way, married and doing well. thank you for joining us. thank you for joining us. >> kelly: good afternoon captioned by closed captioning services, inc. the death panel, health care for seniors. and plus, remember fannie mae and freddie mac? meet their cousin jenny, the latest subprime mortgage lender and possible bailout considered e-candidate. gearing up for the 2010 sen have yo yous-- census. the journal editorial report starts right now. welcome to the journal editorial report, i'm paul gigot. claims fast and furious that the democrat health care reform plan, what critics are calling death panels for seniors and children with birth defects. sarah palin got in on the act recently writing on her facebook page, saying the american i know and love is not one where my parents or my baby with down's syndrome will have to stand in front of a death panel so his bureaucrats can decide based on a subjective judgment of their level of productivity in society whether they are worthy of health care. what they said this week. >> the
FOX News
Aug 9, 2009 6:00am EDT
morning show at this hour of the morning. >> hey, good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us early an a sunday morning. wish we had better news but we'll get to the developments of that plane crash in a minute. medical procedures. dr. mark siegel here to identify procedures. break down what that means, this healthcare plan. >> a pretty common one that you may be expecting to get done to you in the next few years. >> also some controversy you might say. a new study out from the financial times this week about the more women on boards of directors means a company's coffers may be less. the women on board of directors. first a company profit, one study says yes. allison -- >> i may take issue with this. >> based on u.s. businesses and legit. not one -- not a tiny little study out of a foreign country. >> 87,000 board of directors. >> i think boards of directors. >> we'll explain because there's also an up side to having women on the board. >> that too is debatable. >> in the meantime we need to tell but what happened yesterday. there's -- there was another plane crash over the hudson
FOX News
Aug 8, 2009 2:00pm EDT
. and tom, are you still with us? >> caller: i am. >> jamie: there is a great number of these boats, laura was describing the blue ones are the police and there is also the fire department, and rescue and this is a very rare occurrence, though, in the hudson river, so, what type of training goes into preparing these emergency management and service officials, to actually conduct an operation like this? >> caller: when i was with the city we did operations and drills, almost every single month. and, it just happened that three days ago, four days ago, on the other side of the narrows bridge, and for those viewers who are not from new york that is about a mile-and-a-half, two miles down the river, from where this has happened, past the statue of liberty they had an operation, relative to a potential terrorist attack, and the police department and the fire department and the coast guard work very closely, together in new york city, at training for these operations, and executing them when and if they should happen. >> jamie: according to information that i'm getting from the fox news brain ro
FOX News
Aug 23, 2009 6:00am EDT
". >> i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. president obama goes into creature mode on healthcare. the subject of this evening's topic. americans oppose big government healthcare. president made an appeal to religious people saying it is a moral obligation to provide healthcare to those who don't have it and criticize those who oppose his plan. talking point somewhat agrees with the president. americans should look out for each other but there are smart ways to do that and not so smart ways. the american people do not want to invest trillions in a program. and that is what the president does not seem to understand. the president says in the long run it will be cost efficient. americans are rightly skeptical. today a pew study states 49% approve. once again talking points does not oppose improving the healthcare system. top story, reaction from "fox news" bizarre. you can see him at 4 p.m. and the "fox business" channel 6 p.m.. >> i agree with everything you said. i really think this is the apop crisp. >> either you've
FOX News
Aug 8, 2009 11:00pm EDT
. publicly we need to get along, to got to get it but in the ground we're not averse to using some of these groups pushing for that and spirited right now the public option is one of their hands. >> paul: then, is this working? >> i don't think it's working so far. intimidation does work. they have intimidated some of the sector people involved in healthcare. >> paul: environment is running ads in favor of the plan in a family that put the manufacturers association business roundtable are part of a group called healthy economy now which includes the public-sector employees union, and they together have been running ads for this plan and some of these areas. so they have intimidated some of the private people in washington. that may work as well against politicians. >> paul: doesn't work with the blue dogs? they get the bill out of committee, henry waxman's bill, for if i voted against it in the end. >> yes, the real story is my think the left is so frantic right now is that support for this plan is just eroding so quickly. i think they have become totally desperate and that's why t
FOX News
Aug 29, 2009 11:00pm EDT
. ushered in columnist jim stossel and brian carney joins us from london as the editorial page editor of the "wall street journal" europe. ken, you have read these documents. what's the lesson you take away from it. >> the press jumped all over this i think with some prodding from the administration suggesting this is yet more proof of abuse at the hands of an unleashed cia. when you read these things but actually jumps out at you is that this was actually carefully developed, carefully controlled, widely agreed to congress and it yielded invaluable results. >> paul: breath? >> that's the key point. there is this obsessive focus with a handful of instances where investigators potentially went over the line although it's important to note that when career justice department prosecutors looked at these cases for years ago, they ruled that they did not merit badge. >> paul: this is interesting. this is an internal report that was begun in 2004. >> and was shared with congress to ensure to congress turned over to justice and career prosecutors did not prosecute except in one case obvious
FOX News
Aug 1, 2009 11:00pm EDT
september. here to tell us where we stand or after another week of wheeling and dealing, wall street journal columnist, dan henninger. and james freeman, senior editorial page writer, and washington columnist. all right, joe, speaker nancy pelosi said this week that the insurance industry was behind this fading support because they've been opposing it. is that how you see it? >> right, well, she accused him of carpet bombing the debate and you have to watch with the willing suspension and disbelief, did the democrats haven't had a better industry friend than the insurance industry throughout this whole-- >> they're quiet and they haven't run any ads not like 1993. in fact, if you look at the whole landscape and as i see it, the industry has been very, very quiet. the drug industry has been quiet and the insurance industry has been quiet and how can you explain that? they want a seat at the table, right? >> yeah and the real point of speaker pelosi's comments were to sort of win over some of her more liberal members, who are up set with the deal with more moderate members in the house. so, i
FOX News
Aug 16, 2009 6:00am EDT
and president obama. nbc news now using its power to attack the healthcare protests. >> because we have a black president, it's an uprising. angry old white folks are storming into town about healthcare reforms. let me set the record straight early on, these folks, i think they're dumber than joe the plumber. >> he may be right. we're all focussed on sort of the craziness that's taking place at these town halls and some of the politicians playing to the bases showing up at town hall when actually not people in the middle to show up. >> because they oppose the public policy. in fact, i've never seen this before in my 35 years of journalism. think about it. folks are using their constitutional right to protest the healthcare policy they believe will harm them. power the powerful corporation g.e. demonizes the very people. so far in august the nbc news network is down 24% while "fox news" is up 23%. msnbc down 15%. it's not just nbc going after the healthcare protests. cbs news reported this last night. >> fighting the healthcare bill is not organized. >> it's a million or so independent individua
FOX News
Aug 22, 2009 2:00pm EDT
that lead us? >> if i listen to the town hall meeting, anger over healthcare reform, true. but there seems to be anger about the government spending that is just out of control. another stimulus plan would make it worse, wouldn't it? >> there is no question about it. this rage out there that is not just republicans and conservatives but independent voters is really a result of the massive debt. look. the voters get the joke. if you have 800 billion of spending it's not free. it has to come from somewhere. that is the fallacy of the stimulus idea. people know that their taxes will have to be raised later to debt is going to have to go up by a massive amount to pay for the spending. >> alan greenspan used to say that the american economy was so deregulated and privatized it's now able to withstand extraordinary blows from from recessions that would have brought it to its knees in the pass. again, his point was it was the private sector that was the strength of the american economy. i just don't see them doing anything to help the private sector. >> when we come back, obama care's contradicti
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)